When building technology solutions we need to make them accessible for everyone. Without digital inclusion, we create digital poverty.

Racism and hate is rife all over social media. What can social media companies do to stop it?

Racism, hate and threats are a pandemic that’s spread through social media.

The Problem

Dolby Atmos brings concert experiences to your home.

Technology has removed the need for an office but is that a good thing?

  • Customer places an order on the store
  • Order created in the database
  • Customer is notified via email confirmation of the order
  • Notification sent to warehouse to pack the order

Augmented Reality is going to redefine how we interact with the world and each other.

What is Augmented Reality?

High level app stack

Microsoft updated Teams to create Together Mode

Google Cloud Firestore

One word of caution, exporting data incurs one read operation per document exported. Just be mindful when you schedule this as you can rack up a bill quickly.

Pete Casson

CTO, founder, speaker and general geek. Constantly looking to make technology simple and accessible.

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